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January 2017

Veronica Speedwell is my spirit animal.

She is irreverent, courageous, and forever making her partner-in-solving-crimes blush with her frank talk about sex. During the famously prudish Victorian era. She destroys mansplaining with her wicked knife-throwing skills, and always lives on her own terms.

Really. What’s not to love?

A PERILOUS UNDERTAKING, the follow-up to A CURIOUS BEGINNING, might be even more enjoyable than the first novel in the serious, a heroic undertaking, since the first was an absolute delight as well. This time, some circumstances of Veronica’s birth (which were revealed in the first novel—I’m trying to avoid spoilers here) lead her to undertake an investigation for a member of the British Royalty—Princess Louise. Louise has fought tooth and nail to be allowed her artistic lifestyle as a sculptor, and she often runs with a less-than-aristocratic crowd. A close friend of hers, Miles Ramsforth, is about to be hanged for the murder of his mistress. A mistress who was pregnant with his child. The local constabulary think that the case is neatly tied up, but the Princess disagrees. She just can’t tell Veronica the particulars of why she knows Miles is innocent.

Veronica grudgingly agrees to investigate, despite the fact that she is a natural scientist, not a detective. And it probably goes without saying that Veronica also drags her accomplice Stoker away from their current task of setting up a natural history museum on their patron’s private grounds and into the investigation. An investigation that invariably leads them into an opium den, an undertaker’s mortuary, and one of the infamous Elysian Grottos.

Start with the first, or jump right in on the second. Either way, get ready to have a fantastic time.


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