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ECHOES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES Edited by Laurie R. King and Leslie Klinger


October 2016

Pegasus Crime

Editors Laurie R. King and Leslie Klinger bring us yet another outstanding collection of stories (following the widely acclaimed IN THE COMPANY OF SHERLOCK HOLMES) paying homage to the great detective Sherlock Holmes. An impressive list of authors has contributed, inspired by either the detective himself, or simply by his methods, making for a delightful and diverse collection of stories.

Some authors played with the gender of the famous detective, such as Meg Gardiner, who weaves a tale of a young woman who dodges danger and uses Holmesian methods of deduction to solve an apparent suicide–landing herself a corporate job. Hank Phillippi Ryan casts modern women in the roles of Holmes and Watson to solve a case involving a potentially deadly land grab and a dance studio with clever results.

Other authors placed their stories in the same time period as the original stories but put their own spin on things. Tasha Alexander weaves a fabulous tale of Irene Adler using her significant wiles to win back some errant letters on behalf of her lover the Prince of Bohemia—setting the stage for her betrayal by the man she loves and her eventual run-in with Sherlock Holmes years later. Dana Cameron writes an exciting adventure pitting Holmes against Holmes, starring a deliciously violent Dr. Watson prone to gambling and womanizing—including the gun-toting Mrs. Hudson—and the delight Holmes and Watson take in their search of missing treasure makes for an exciting ride.

Several stories played with the very idea of fiction vs. reality. Irish author John Connolly’s prodigious imagination results in a private library that magically creates a real home for the fictional characters once they retire—and the trouble caused by Conan Doyle’s attempt to retire Sherlock Holmes before his time. David Morrell also brings Holmes to life and pits him against his own creator in an attempt to force Conan Doyle to examine his beliefs in spiritualism. And Anne Perry tells the story of a small child embroiled in a life and death situation who turns to Sherlock Holmes for help—although the man she recognizes is only a television actor, who finds himself playing out his fictional role of detective in real life.

For additional flavor, the collection also includes a completely original comic by Tony Lee and Bevis Musson where Mrs. Hudson takes over the role of investigator—with completely hilarious and irreverent results.

Yet this only scratches the surface—excellent stories by Gary Philips, William Kent Krueger, Catriona McPherson, Debra Crombie and Denise Mina….plus even more…fill out this assortment of Holmes-related tales. This is a powerhouse of a collection, sure to please even the most particular Sherlockian.


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