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SEIZE THE NIGHT edited by Christopher Golden

seize-the-night-9781476783093_hrSEIZE THE NIGHT edited by Christopher Golden
October 2015
Gallery Books

SEIZE THE NIGHT is a terrific collection of short stories featuring more than a few powerhouses in the world of horror. Authors such as Charlaine Harris, Scott Smith, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kelley Armstrong, Michael Koryta and Dana Cameron all contributed fantastic tales. Shiny happy vampires with fawning girlfriends will not be found within these pages—these authors have reclaimed the true horror of the vampire. In fact, more than a few drew on various types of early mythology to re-imagine the modern vampire, breathing fresh life and perspective into the genre.
Bibliophiles will love the tale “Paper Cuts” by Gary A. Braunbeck. Remember when we burned those vampires years ago? And buried the ashes? Well those ashes grew into thirsty trees, which were eventually cut down to make paper. And now those books are awfully thirsty…

Charlaine Harris’s story “Miss Fondevant” features a teacher with a great ability to control her most unruly students…by stealing their energy. Will two young students and unlikely allies be able to stop her classroom reign of terror?
Dana Cameron tells an unsettling tale of early settlers who make sacrifices to keep the local demon on the hill at bay. When the ritual is delayed, a young girl must risk life and limb to save those she loves.
Seanan McGuire’s tale of a young girl accidentally killed while chasing fireflies is at once beautiful and hauntingly sad. It also has a satisfying ending for an evil stepfather.
And this is just a taste of the creative and captivating tales that await you. Beyond the common thread of vampires, the other thing that can be found in each of these stories is writing that is rich and descriptive. I cannot think of one story in this collection that is not atmospheric and evocative. Some of the stories are truly horrifying and may keep you up night…or at least sleeping with a light on. And while some of the stories spoke to me more than others, all that means is something for everyone can be found here.





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