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imageI Become Shadow by Joe Shine
Soho Teen

Ren Sharpe isn’t exactly killing it in her first year of high school. Awkward and shy, she has managed to embarrass herself in front of the boy she is crushing on–twice–within a very short time. But then Ren is kidnapped from her bed in the dead of night by a mysterious organization called FATE and kept in a secure facility. Before long Ren learns that she will have to become tougher than she ever thought she could be in order to survive the program–a program that will turn her into a deadly weapon.

Four years later, Ren is a lethal killing machine and she and her best friend Junie, another FATE abductee, are assigned and mentally linked to their FIP–future important person.  Now nothing is more important to Ren than keeping her FIP Gareth alive so that he can fulfill his life’s work.  But things in the organization may not be what they have been told and Ren takes Gareth and Junie on the run…because for Ren, failure is not an option.

Ren Sharpe is a pleasure to read. Snarky and sharp, she is a fantastic new ass-kicking heroine. Ren’s sass also keeps the book light and is a fine balance for the darker aspects of the story–stealing 14 year old kids from their beds is not exactly the stuff of happy daydreams.

The action is a straight shot of adrenaline–even the ramp-up in the story describing Ren and Junie’s training was full of action and moved quickly forward. The relationships are both meaningful and complicated, between both Ren and Junie, and between Ren and the FIP she is linked with, since the ‘linking’ causes the protector physical pain to be separated from the FIP–a fascinating but terrible concept, really.

Fans of hardcore women with grit will love this new heroine–Katniss better step aside, ’cause there’s a new bad-ass in town.


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