River Heights Book Review

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Soho Teen
September 1, 2015

Jillian Cade is on her own. Since her mother died and her father, the famous paranormal investigator, took off for parts unknown, Jillian has been running her father’s paranormal investigation agency on the sly. Someone has to pay the bills. The thing is, Jillian doesn’t believe in that paranormal stuff—there’s usually a rational explanation for the bumps in the night. So with a little common sense and some fake equipment, Jillian can usually set things right for people. At school she has definitely made a name for herself as someone to stay away from. The black clothes and blacker attitude ensures that people generally give her a wide berth—it doesn’t hurt that she broke the nose of that bullying football player either. Jillian Cade is not someone to mess around with.

The new boy at school refuses to take the hint that Jillian is a lone wolf, however. Sky Ramsey is a fan of her father’s, and blackmails Jillian into letting him in on her latest case—the missing boyfriend of a perky, popular blonde. Not Jillian’s usual gig, but how hard can it be to find a wayward college boy? Sky has other ideas about why Todd is missing—he thinks it’s the work of a succubi, and he won’t shut up about it. But there’s no such thing, right?

Jillian is smart. Smart enough to get by on her own while surviving high school and running her dad’s agency on the side. Those smarts also mean there’s some crackling dialogue, and a good back and forth between her and Sky. And while she doesn’t completely trust Sky, he’s good at getting under her skin—the romance between the two practically sizzles. Klein also delivers fast pacing and an out of this world storyline—literally.

If books that take a turn for the paranormal aren’t your thing, then this is definitely not for you. But if you’re down for some urban fantasy, a feisty protagonist, some romance and a battle for the world, then add Jillian Cade to your reading adventures.


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