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troubleisafriendjpgTROUBLE IS A FRIEND OF MINE by Stephanie Tromly
Kathy Dawson Books
August 4, 2015

Philip Digby is a force to be reckoned with. Well, you can’t actually reckon with him at all, so mostly he’s just a force.

That is what Zoe Webster is quickly finding out after finding Digby on her doorstep. Zoe is new in town—moving away from the big city after her parent’s divorce, and finding it pretty difficult to make friends in her new high school. She’s a good girl with dreams of going to Princeton. A clean record, Zoe never gets into trouble. But then Digby blasts into her life.

The first thing Digby wants to know is what’s going on with the weird cult people living across the street from Zoe. The second thing Digby wants to know is what happened to the high school student who disappeared a few months ago…and what the creepy gynecologist might have to do with it. In fact, Digby has a great idea to break into the doctor’s office and look through his files, and Zoe gets swept along for the ride….and the arrest. Soon Zoe finds herself caught up in Digby’s investigation, trying to buy drugs for the first time, on a date with a 12-year old in a cape and skulking around in the dark—all in the name of justice.

This is the kind of book that you never want to end. It’s laugh out loud funny with incredibly quirky and loveable characters. Digby’s antics and his ability to talk his friends into going along with his schemes make for fantastic action and razor-sharp dialogue—it’s easy to get swept up in the investigation of what turns out to be a very good mystery. I sincerely hope we’ll see more of this cast of characters…but I’ll be equally interested in seeing whatever else Tromly turns out next.


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