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THE AWESOME by Eva Darrows

TheAwesomeCover THE AWESOME by Eva Darrows
Ravenstone (Rebellion)
May 26, 2015 

Margaret “Maggie” Cunningham is sick and tired of being a mere apprentice to her badass monster-hunting mother. She can’t apply for certification until she slays a vampire, though, and she can’t do that until she loses her virginity. (Fangers are notorious fiends for virgin blood.) Essentially, her career is at a standstill until she can get laid. Easier said than done when you’re homeschooled, but Maggie has “a flawless plan to have The Sex.” What could possibly go wrong?

Eva Darrows’ wickedly funny, wonderfully self-assured, and appropriately named The Awesome is without question one of the best books I’ve read this year. Oozing with snark, charm, wit, and style, it’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer meets Gilmore Girls with a dash of True Blood thrown in for good measure. Darrows’ tale extols the virtues of honesty and teamwork. It illustrates the problem with labels, and the importance of keeping an open mind. It’s chock full of smart, strong, non-traditional female characters who kick ass, take names, and wouldn’t be caught dead wearing high-heeled boots and leather pants. And while Maggie is occasionally your typical insecure teenager, this is no ’80s movie; the weird girl doesn’t need a makeover to get the guy and save the day—she just needs to be the truest version of herself. As Darrows writes in her acknowledgements, “…the world isn’t ever going to validate you, so you better get good at doing it yourself. There’s no shame in knowing your worth as a human being—in knowing how awesome you really are.” That’s a lesson everyone could stand to learn, age be damned.

Those with delicate sensibilities might be offended by Darrows’ irreverent storytelling style; crude humor, foul language, underage drinking, and pre-marital sex abound. But this ain’t your mamma’s coming-of-age story, and if you ask me, that’s a very good thing.


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